Sunday, July 15, 2012


Just when you thinks its safe to turn right
Turn left.
Breathe in not out; whisper, not shout, Disgression not flout
Build a bridge not swim or walk
Don't sit, get fat
Keep a toad not a cat, be nice; twice
Sing in the street when there's no-one around
Act the clown, wear red, in bed
Carry a spade you had hand made; in Buxton not Spain
Talk really fast about bottles and last weeks news
Poke your finger in pies and old ladies eyes
Then wink at the girls and pat the boys
On the bum for some then giggle when you read the obituary
Never say please or thank the attendent who wants your ticket
Be wicked and smile, then fart and be vile.
Then when you least expect
Turn right not left.


  1. This is just awesome. I particularly love the bit about keeping a toad. :) What a captivating picture, Tom!!



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