Thursday, June 21, 2012

Year, right!

Like, he was right there, you know, like totally mental and like he wanted to do it right then but I said fuck off like he was really surprised. He's really fucking game. Like I was going' to do it with him. Like he had no chance. If he tries again I'll take his balls off, right.
Yeah, right!

Head space.

All a man needs is a few crayons, a bit of new concrete and enough light to see by. The feel of sand between the toes and a taste of salt on the lips helps in developing the artistic mood. Self expression is so importantly at an early age. Bloody girls! Do they have to scream like that? Puts a man right off his game.

Life is a blur.

The only thing that is clear is that nothing is clear. Life is a blur. There isn't point in stopping to enjoy it. You stand still for too long and everything passes you by. Before you know it you are the only thing stationary. Someone or something is bound to run right over the top of you. Life's brisk pace slows for no-one. Our measurement of time is arbitrary. Our life might seem long and arduous at times until we come to the end of it and suddenly we are very conscious of the volume of the ticking clock. The next time you hear someone say ' I can't wait until tomorrow' suggest to them they might reconsider if they knew how quickly tomorrow will come.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bird dreaming.

From our very first breath, we learn to dream. These are not fanciful wishes but aspirations; places to drag us screaming from the first step to the next, the first word, the first beating of our wings. We dream of running with the herd as we stumble nervously beyond our first steps. We aspire to poetry and soliloquy as we babble our first, almost indistinguishable words. We look to the Moon as we flap our feathers in the warming Sun.At first we hear the applause of others as they encourage and cheer us on. They are with us all the way. We feel their ambitions, their hesitation, their wanting and waiting. Then we hear the voice inside. 'Don't go there' it says. 'Be content with where you are'. Others hold us back, defying our eagerness with a blanket of safety and security. We might give up our personal ambitions for the sake of others. 'They care about me' you tell yourself.
Today will be different. today I will make it. Today is the day I take the second step, the second breath, the flight to ........

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Leroy was here.

He came and went, young Leroy, and left his mark for all to see. He brought a friend but she was shy. They drank together, shared a few joints, ate the left over of a Big Mac they had bought earlier and had childish, playful sex. The only light was provided by an iPhone and the smoldering tip of a reefer. For a moment the world stopped and they were in love forever. Leroy is 15 and his friend is 14. It's their first time. It was clumsy and exciting and ended in a giggle and a tear. Their love will last until the morning. Leroy's name will last a little longer. The hut has been here for a hundred years and witnesses many Leroys making their mark on the world, growing up, becoming men, loosing their virginity, giggling and shedding a tear with their new found love. The hut, Leroy and his friend will remember this moment. We also bare witness and know that Leroy was here.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Do dogs have a god?

Just us, I guess. Praise the hand that feeds me. Glory to those who provide me with shelter. Blessed are the blind for they find virtue in me. Give thanks to the kid who pats me as they pass. May I live without biting too many people or pissing on the wrong grass. Keep my breath at bay from those I might offend. I shall remain chaste and faithful until the end as long as my testicles remain intact. I will spread the barking among the rich and the poor alike. There is only one god, His name is Fred. He will carry me to my grave among the other pets in the back yard; the parrot, the rabbit, the cat, one by one.
He beckons me to come and I obey. He releases me into the park to run wild. He watches over me with a small spade and a plastic bag least he is summoned by the council to pay dues. All this is true as my god is my witness.
I just don't understand one thing. Why does he leave me out here when he goes to his god?

The other side

Whichever way we look at it, we are always on the other side. Be it a fence, a political point of view, a bit of religious fervour or an arguement about who's turn it is to wash up. We spend a good part of our waking hours and quite a bit of the sleeping ones dreaming of what it might be like over there. Greener, they say. Lush and forgiving. Luxuriant pastures I have heard. Fat cows with creamy milk. Warm days with cloudless skies. A better life awaits just a brick away.see how tall the fence is, though. I might need a ladder to get over it. I guess I'll just have to stay here a little longer. Who mows the lawn over there?

How sure are you?

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