Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Girl in Blue

Girl in Blue where have you been?
I'm going, that's what on
I'm off to dance upon the stage
Feel free to come along

The trouble is I'm running late
My knickers are all tangled
My dress is dragging on the ground
And my hair is such a mangle

Fear not young lady I'm agast
At the beauty I behold
Can I walk along with you
If I might seem so bold.

Yeah, whatever, Seems like a thing
Just get a move on, will ya?
I haven't time for drivel
And don't get too familiar


Shop shop shop shop sit shop shop.
Shop shop shop sit shop.
Rest rest rest shop shop shop shop
Shop shop until you drop.

Bad taste

Just now I'm doing nothing
While I dance upon the hill
And the shadows of the past 
Are never standing still
I can wait for moments silence
Which comes among the blast
Of the thunder of my thoughts
That drift among the past
Where was I when the hail fell
What train of actions then
When I alone could tell
What the endless pain would bend
That I will live this moment over
And the torment will inflame
The scars that mark the cover
And only I can blame
Myself, the thoughts alone
Are tattooed to my brain
To be seen as autochrome
For as long as I remain
Awake or sleep it matters not
For nothing is a myth
In which no memory is forgot
If nothing, this it it.
Restless, relentless, haunting ghosts
That interrupt the peace
And I am the singular host
Of nothing's angry feast.


M is for mother and mud and more (of)
And marvel and moo (cow) and milk
If its upside down its for wiggle and want
Its nothing if it just has a tilt.

Living in a dungeon

Its crystal clear to me
That living in a hole
Needs stairs to let you out for lunch
And stairs to bring you home.

New Land.

Land ho! The sailor yelled, Land ho!
Stay with the wind. The rocks below.
The harbour's clear and still. Our souls have tired
The sun has set the place on fire.

There is a place to anchor. Just beyond.
Hold steady as she goes. Lower the sails.
Take to the oars good men. Be strong.
No death by drowning we desire.

No Distant Shores

How dangerous it is to venture out to sea
When the fog is all around us and is thick as soup of pea
Sea monsters lurk in every void and splash upon the waves
Its flesh and blood they want and human flesh they crave

But fear not I have my trusty sword and all the fight that's nigh
I've sailed my ship upon the sea and flown the flag held high
When such a beast attacks and tears this sturdy ship to shreds
I'll wake up form my nightmare in my snugly bed.

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