Monday, June 4, 2012

Leroy was here.

He came and went, young Leroy, and left his mark for all to see. He brought a friend but she was shy. They drank together, shared a few joints, ate the left over of a Big Mac they had bought earlier and had childish, playful sex. The only light was provided by an iPhone and the smoldering tip of a reefer. For a moment the world stopped and they were in love forever. Leroy is 15 and his friend is 14. It's their first time. It was clumsy and exciting and ended in a giggle and a tear. Their love will last until the morning. Leroy's name will last a little longer. The hut has been here for a hundred years and witnesses many Leroys making their mark on the world, growing up, becoming men, loosing their virginity, giggling and shedding a tear with their new found love. The hut, Leroy and his friend will remember this moment. We also bare witness and know that Leroy was here.

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