Friday, May 18, 2012

Cultural divide

Framing and context isn't everything in a photo but it sure goes a long way to getting a message across, whatever the message is. The world around us is sharply and savagely edited by the incisive boundary of the viewfinder. we include and exclude to achieve our goal. And like the spoken word, the contents, once recorded, are there for all to perceive and conceive. But it doesn't stop there. We then place the photo in a new context; the hands of the viewer. The new setting, that of the viewer, renders new colour to the already existing hues. The photographer may ask 2 questions: 'what do I include within the frame to get my message across?' and 'where do I place the photo for maximum impact?' The photograph does not bare witness to reality, only the actual will do that. The photograph bares witness to the power of the photograph and our own misgivings.

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  1. You know. I look at this photograph and think this is the flavor of life. Alluring and wonderful from different perspectives, they are all content with who and where they are, within this frame there is little interaction which could be interpreted singularly or extended using your own experiences to complete the photograph and thought that only begins here. Good on you Tom for producing such an interactive photograph.