Friday, November 8, 2013

Beachfront residence

Buying a beachfront residence has its drawbacks. The tide, for one. There's a chance that you could go to bed one night and wake up with water lapping at the end of the bed, more so with the incoming tide of Global Warming. It's an even bet that the tourists might move in with their UV cream and an excessive exposure of skin to both the Sun and an unsuspecting local. Fortunately I chose wisely. My domain is safe from all of that. I'm high enough to avoid even the best (or worse) rise in ocean temperature. The water is full of crocs and other bities so that should keep the tourists off my doorstep. Now I can go to bed each night knowing that when I wake in the morning I can step out into my own back yard, safe in the knowledge that there are no snoopy neighbors watching me feeding the cat in my slippers and little else and I will always have a clear view of the turquoise sea just beyond my boundary.
Tonight I will sleep well.

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