Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Monsoon season has arrived. We all become rain watchers. BOM radar tells us where it is and how much, the anvils tower over the landscape, flashes of light creep across the clouds, and the sky goes through its borborygmus convulsions, sending children and dogs scurrying, uniting in safety under the dining room table.
I find peace in the rain. It's gentle disturbance is hypnotic, calming and spoken silently. The monsoon whispers, tempering the air and shedding its life blood to the waiting forests. The sheer heaviness of the air compresses the color into tones and textures so intense, one can only stand with effort, breathe with difficulty and walk with a lumbering cadence.
Bring on the rain.

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  1. your thoughts like drops .... beautiful .... fae scotland