Sunday, May 18, 2014

Growing old

I've been noticing of late, the deterioration in the bodywork. I have fewer teeth and those that remain are yellowing and decaying. My vision is no longer what it used to be either. My left eye is short sighted and my right eye is long sighted and peculiar black blobs float among the splendors. The stars at night are also dimmer and sparkle more. This isn't a romantic notion. It's cataracts.

The skin is beginning to show signs of wear and tear as well. Blemishes appear in peculiar places, rashes expand on exposed surfaces. Nowhere is to be found, an area of freshness and elasticity. Hair grows from orifices and falls from pinnacles. 

Leakage is a way of life among the vesicles of body fluid. Containers meant to hold no long do so. Those which are meant to empty, rigidly resist.
I make strange sounds when I move and even stranger ones when I don't. My travels are limited to a radius of running distance to the nearest convenience. 
Shutdown is imminent. May it be gentle. There will be no recycling here.

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  1. powerful, honest words. Thank you for sharing them.


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