Saturday, July 19, 2014

Child's Play #3

The outfielder, although part of the team, knows that the further afield he is the less likely he is to be involved. He can watch, from afar, the strategies of the game, only needing to show a moment of activity if the ball moves in his general direction, knowing full well that a more dedicated player will take care of matters; someone closer to the pitch and the conversation between the power brokers.
The outfielder can take to his own thought. He can listen to the crowd, hear the clutter of cups in preparation for tea, contemplate a temperate moment, consider his perspective. The team has their eye on the ball. He can hardly see the ball. The team is organised and re-organised. He holds fast to his position. The team is tense and ready. He stands calm and relaxed.
The outfielder is a player of a different sort. Like a tentative child, he stands back and waits. For the moment, he is content  to be there among the green fields and not on the hardened pitch. He might be the first for tea and the last on the oval but he is the only man who can see the whole game within his single vision. He is a wise man to watch and wonder.

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