Saturday, December 31, 2016

The train.


How far to go, he called, when does it part
She waits for me beyond the converging lines
Through the tears and lost worlds of love
She waits for me, she waits in another time
When we were one, the only ones to know
Where we stood strong, true love still a crime
Young, sweet, innocent love fresh from the heart
Leaving others behind the walls to define
What we should be

Now the passage is complete, the platform stage
We no longer play, life took its toll, sliding doors
Close on us, kept us apart, allowing us to age
Facing the masters and mistresses, seeking flaws
In others, knowing only one destination can be
Where the passage stops, no longer be ignored
The wilderness has gone, once ravishing desires
Now playing out the fare to be in one place because
We are what we should be.

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