Sunday, August 10, 2014

A momentary lapse of consciousness

We can't know everyone. We barely know ourselves. Past our own person introspection we have a few people we say we know intimately. Family, loved ones, close friends. Beyond that we are familiar with the behaviour and mannerisms of some colleagues, acquaintences and the neighbour whose dog persists in barking at the most inconvenient hours. As the circle broardens, we form nodding relationships with enough people to fill a pub on a Sunday afternoon. Then there is the facial recognition to which a name remains elusive, even when they stop to chat. As for  the rest, they are strangers.
What does a stranger hold for us? A fragmentary glimpse at another life? A reflection of ourselves? A sense of loneliness or belonging? Deja voi? Whatever it is, it's just like us. A moment of wonder, connection, understanding of what it is like to be human.

Are you sure?

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