Saturday, August 5, 2017


Every child will imagine.
Cut their feet on a shell
Leave sand on the carpet
Lose a button, have messy hair.
Every child will say the wrong thing
Be late for dinner
Get fatter or thinner.
Lie, spy, cry, feel lonely
Be alone, throw a stone at the birds
Be scared of the dark
Laugh when someone falls
Ignore when someone calls
Want, whine, wag, wake too late
For school. No homework today
Get bad marks, rehearse for the play
Get the lines wrong, try singing along
Fall in love once or twice
Consider it nice. Kiss. skite, fight
Swear, dare, be dared, wonder about sex
Try things they shouldn't, do things they couldn't
Imagine what it would be like
To be someone else, no parents, leave home
Wet the bed, have a smoke and choke
Stay in bed all day. And dream.
Imagine growing up without all this.
Just imagine

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