Friday, November 28, 2014

Study in form

It's mango season. That gives me a break from photographing pears. It'll be cherries soon, then grapes, followed by a lull of stoned fruit and finally ending in some winter vegetables. The beauty of photographing fruit and the like, especially in B&W, is that one must occupy themselves with form and texture. They are no longer fruit but a flat recording of simple form and texture. Get it right and your skin will crawl with pleasure. And I don't even eat mangoes. Ech!

Read a book

Of all the pleasures in life, reading comes up there with the best. The act of understanding the words, seeing the context, accumulating information, imagining new experiences is accompanied by the physical action of hold and turning the pages, feeling the weight of the words and being in the place.

The pleasures of conversation.

One can lose the art of conversation so easily. It's easy to slide into a pattern of introspection. A conversation with a friend, acquaintance, colleague, loved one or passer by provides a refection of ideas, feelings and thoughts that are refreshing, entertaining, meaningful and considerate. Conversations with some individuals can also be distasteful, mean, hurtful and downright crazy.
Knowing the difference is the art of good conversation. Be artful. Spend your time with those who will stand in the shade with you, lean back, look you in the eye and understand.

Religious Convenience Store

John 6:37 ESV /

All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out.

Yeah, right!

A sign

Oh, if it was just that simple!
Two ways, just move forward. Trust me.
That sounds very much like a politician or person of the cloth would say and you all know where that takes us.
I know. I need some organisation, someone to guide me. A sign. Some direction.
I have that already. It's called tomorrow. Mind you, it does concern me a bit that I don't know what's coming, but who does. Plan all you like, people, but you are no better of than the next bloke. We can't determine the future.
As for the sign? I took a picture. That way I can always be reminded of where I was at the time, where I could have come from and a possible pathway to somewhere else.
What did I finally do? Does it matter? Whatever I did got me here and I'm OK with that.

Are you sure?

How sure can you be ..... of anything, really? A lack of confidence is seen as a sign of character weakness. Yet we shake the dice and pla...