Wednesday, February 4, 2015


We do complain a lot, us humans.

Things are never quite as we would like them. Someone else is always at it; interfering, stuffing it up, going the wrong way, not listening: being human, really.
But we know what to do, don't we? We know how to run the country, solve the economic crisis, stop the wars, deal with the criminal element, the wife bash
ers, the child molesters, the cane toads. Why didn't they ask me? I'd have told them. What would a politician know about running the country? What would a judge know about justice? What would the council know about dogs shitting on my lawn? Don't get me started.
And while you're there, let me tell you what they are doing in schools lately. Nothing. The kids can't even read. They send them home with homework I can't even do! Then there's the roads. Have you seen the state of them! What about the price of, well, everything. A bloke can't afford a smoke and a beer anymore. 
Back when I was a kid you could eat for a week on a days wages. Have you seen the price of tomatoes? Don't think about flying anywhere. 
Yeah. Things are tough. I've got a good mind to move. Or write a letter to the paper. Something. Something needs to be done!
We better get back to work before someone complains.


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