Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Are you sure?

How sure can you be ..... of anything, really?
A lack of confidence is seen as a sign of character weakness.
Yet we shake the dice and place our money cautiously upon the table.
The game is played out. When we win we celebrate our prediction. When we lose we curse the luck played on us.
The ride is shaky. I hang on, fingers crossed. Others around me wait for a fall. There is no entertainment in safety, in security, in knowing. One must take risks to please the crowd.
I am never sure .... of anything. Despite my confidence, I will fall. Somewhere.
Don’t laugh. I tried.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What are the chances?

XX or XY
Open in or out.
Rain or dry.
An early flight.
Left or right.
Hate or like.
Win a prize.
Die overnight.
Wrong or right.
Flip the coin
Play the cards
Place your bet
Throw the dart hard
No confidence
Try again
What is the chance
Pink rabbit dance.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Finding our way.

Most organisms find their way by chance.
The chance sighting of some food, the chance of pheromones entering the sense organs, the chance of rain for germination, the chance of flying before dying. Even the chance on which we are all born form the genes of our parents.
Humans, on the other hand, believe they can remove chance from their existence. Prediction, possibilities, forecasting, future analysis, investment, prognosis; all suggest we can, in some way, know what is coming.
And when we fail we are surprised, shocked, disappointed, even offended by the ignorance of those who could not see the future.
Then we reflect. Where did we go wrong? What can we learn? What do we need to change? What might have been?
There is the lesson. We stand on the path and that’s as far as we can see ahead of us. We can look back and see how we got here. That is a fact. What lies ahead is chance.
Throw the dice now. Tomorrow the result will be different. Walk the path but never be sure of where you will end up. Take the surprise as a gift. That’s all we can do.


Sunday, April 21, 2019

Posthumous postings

In the clear light of day I see .... well, things I missed while I was alive and ..... well.
I recently read a book called Why Photographs can be Blurry. 
This was no revelation although, in the light of the local art gallery exhibition it might have been a contradiction. There I witnessed at first hand and eye, a collection of sharpness and acuity that baffled me.
Why, you might ask?
Because they displayed the bleeding obvious. Replicas of the usual suspects with the intent of imitation. They were so sharp they hurt my eyes.

Now I want to hurt yours.

Over the next weeks you will see photographs of what I see. They are not for your liking. They are a demonstration of what one might find if they take the trouble to look.

I will make comments where necessary. Feel free to do the same.


Are you sure?

How sure can you be ..... of anything, really? A lack of confidence is seen as a sign of character weakness. Yet we shake the dice and pla...