Thursday, June 13, 2013

Staring into Space # 13

The space I leave behind fills quickly with detritus. I can hear the molecules moving first, fast and furious, to fill the vacuum in accordance with the Laws of Thermodynamics, Enthalpy and that age old Law of Vacant Space and Diminishing Surfaces which suggests any space created by men will be filled with important items once it has been cleaned by a woman and declared dust free.
What amazes me is what follows. I can't remember where most of it comes from or why I had it in the first place. I look around to see if any parts of me have fallen off. Has a dump truck passed this way and lost its load? Did someone move in when I wasn't looking?
Look around, gentlemen. Not too far away will be a small pile of fragments from you last activity. Close the door behind you as you leave. It will spread.

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Learning to Swim

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