Monday, July 15, 2013

Staring into space #18

It's all of our own making, you know. We came here in a flurry and a rush and most will leave quietly. We make an arbitrary count of how long we are here and expect more or less as if there is a finish line we expect to reach. We try to make a mark but usually its left to those who remain to do that for us. We didn't come from nor will we go to. What remains is the memory in those who still remain. If you hold any value to your time here, make the memories others hold good ones. Or at least interesting ones.


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  2. Rest assured Tom... the memories others will have of your passage on Earth will be interesting, at the very least. :)


Learning to Swim

The fishing boat rises and falls on the turbulent blue-black sea. One moment I see it, riding high. The next it is barely visible...