Friday, November 23, 2012

Feeling secure

I sleep easy these days knowing I am being watched. By whom I am unsure but it is nonetheless reassuring to know that when I visit the Waterfront Precinct to enjoy yet another sunset, I will do this unconcerned about the marauding thieves and vagrants that hide in the shadows. Why, it was only yesterday a small, but ugly, child swooped past me as if running from the law, and carrying a choc chip, double vanilla ice cream cone he had most likely stole from a little old lady after battering her with his state board.
I do feel protected by the very presence of these security cameras, but I do wonder if there is someone out there checking the monitor for trouble or the taski hasn't been outsourced to a university student somewhere in Mumbai.

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  1. I work in the security industry during the day running a team of software engineers who write the software and design the advanced systems for security systems just like this. I find something personally profound in this post as such. I just LOVE the natural tension you brought to this with your great composition, Tom! Definitely a highlight!



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