Monday, July 15, 2013

Staring into space #17

It may not be a matter of glass half full or half empty but a matter of how much we let in.
We can consider life as peripheral; fighting at the edge to get in and fill the space. As we age, we let more and more filter through and the conglomeration of accumulated experiences slowly rises until there is no more space to fill.
What then? We can fight off the intruders or we can build the barriers even higher, establish our defenses, and deny entry to all that dares to enter.
Or we can clear a little space for the new. Sweep out some of the old, useless and confusing. Welcome in something unusual, see the discomforts of the past in a new light, listen with new ears and see with new vision.
If you don't like it the way it is, then clear some space, revisit the old, make amends with the past and present. Out of the corner of your eye you may see something you missed.

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  1. Rule breaker. Sheesh! Talk about effect! All that negative space and the way the cat is at the edge looking outward, this is full of tension! I love how all your work makes me stop and consider a wider set of feelings and thoughts, Tom, you really have quite the way.



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