Monday, April 21, 2014

Hanging by your feet.

The image projected onto the retina of the eye is inverted. ie, it is up side down.
It's by no slight of hand or magic that the brain puts it the right way up. Not only is it an easier way of getting around, it does put everyone in the same perspective.
Mind you, we could get used to seeing the world up the other way. A few days of seeing everything topsy tervy and we'd definitely know up from down. We quickly adapt. We can learn to do things according to how it appears quite easily.
In other aspects of our life, we are not so willing to give way or give in to the inevitable. We all experience situations when everything seems to have done an about face or we are going against the grain, swimming up stream or caught in a revolving door.
It feels like we are about to fall on our head.
Don't panic. You're just looking through a rain drop.

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