Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Staring into space #9

I have heard that each time we take a breath there is a good chance we suck in a couple of molecules of carbon dioxide expired by Galileo.
The space we occupy isn't ours; its borrowed. From our ancestors, our friends, enemies, from strangers. Each step we take is taken with the consideration that we have left behind something for someone else to use. Like a snail, we leave behind our own version of slime; not in any derogatory sense, its just the way we are. Some of us recognise that. We can look carefully at where we are and see the evidence of others. We can also look behind and see what we have left behind. We might even follow a trail as we leave our own.
Whatever we choose to do is permanent. The tide will wash away the footsteps but new one will appear after the tide has left its own trail.
Tread carefully. Be curious.

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  1. This just answers so much. It's funny, I think I see remnants of the past and the people who lived and worked in these spaces all the time. It's kind of the reason I got into this all in the first place. Once again, your totally awesome photography helps share a little insight into an age-old question centric around the meaning of life, Tom. To say this is profound doesn't even begin to describe it.



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